Ayaan Hirsi Ali, #MeToo: Why Ayaantier is a feminist icon July 7, 2021 July 7, 2021 admin

Ayaansi Ali and her sister were in their mid-20s when they started their own nonprofit, the Ayaana Foundation.

“I had no idea how powerful #MeWe can be,” Ali wrote on Instagram in 2015, in the lead-up to the #MeNotMe movement.

“As a teenager, I had no desire to make a difference in the world, but #MeOur cause was not just about helping my sisters and I, but for all women everywhere.”

The sisters quickly realized that there was more to their cause than simply helping women, as many of them found themselves in relationships with men.

“In the last year, I realized how important #MeItself was to me,” Ali told TIME.

“We are the first generation of our generation to have a real voice and we need to be part of the conversation.”

That conversation began in earnest in the summer of 2017 when the sisters launched #MeItsMe.

Their mission: to empower women to be their best selves and raise awareness about the “systemic misogyny” they experienced as young women.

The Ayaanasi sisters say that they’ve received a “mounting wave of support” since then.

In addition to the thousands of likes, retweets, and likes on their Facebook page, the sisters have launched a website called Ayaaan.com and have been featured on the front page of many mainstream media outlets.

They also launched a hashtag #MeTheFuture in October of this year that began trending on Twitter.

They believe that #Me ItsMe is a “positive expression of empowerment” and are now working to make the message a more mainstream campaign.

As of October 20, their campaign had garnered nearly 3.6 million likes and more than 8.5 million retweeters.

The sisters are still working on getting the message out to the general public.

“This campaign is a great way for us to spread the message,” Ali said.

“Our goal is to raise awareness for #MeTogether, so women will be empowered and empowered to speak out about their experiences.”

For more information on #Me, visit the Ayanahini.com website.