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This is the fourth post in a series about business strategies for parents with toddlers.

For the first post, read how to teach kids to read in business. 

The fifth post in the series is about parenting your own kids, starting with the fundamentals. 

Here are some tips to help your toddler learn to read. 


Find a book with a child’s name.

When your toddler is just beginning to read, find a book for the kid’s name that has a child-friendly title.

This can be something as simple as: “A book about reading and reading with children.”


Create a vocabulary.

This one may sound like a tall order, but try to create as many words for reading as you can.

Some examples of words for learning: books , bookworm , book , bookstore , bookschool , reading , booktime , children , books , and reading .


Find books that have pictures.

Find books that feature pictures of people and animals and put a photo on the cover.

For example, take a picture of your kid playing on the playground.


Ask your toddler for help.

Ask your toddler to write down a list of questions.

This will help them to learn.


Talk to them when they are reading.

Write down the questions your toddler can answer quickly.

This may be in your notebook or in the book.


Create an activity for your toddler.

Make a fun activity that can be done in minutes, and start with your toddler’s name and the book they are interested in. 7.

Create activities to help teach kids reading. 

These activities can include reading a word in a storybook, playing with toys, reading the news, or reading to the kids.


Create something fun to read for toddlers.

If your toddler likes reading, create a special play time.

You can put on a book, read to the family, or write a story.


Teach your child the basics of reading.

The first thing your toddler will need to learn is to read and understand words.

Your toddler will learn that a letter means “here” or “here.”

Once they learn these basic words, you can teach them to say “here, this, and that.”

For example: “The words here, here, and here mean ‘here’ and ‘here, there, and there.'”


Start your toddler reading at home.

You can start your toddler in their room with a book.

You may find a story book or book in your home or in your library.

They will need a book to read to, so create a place to start.


Make a book that your child can learn at home, too.

Create a book in the home that your toddler may want to read later.

The book should be fun for reading and fun for the toddler.

Write the story of the book on a piece of paper, then put the book back in the shelf.


Take care of the little ones. 

Keep your toddler entertained and busy by making sure they have a safe place to sit and read.


Use a toy.

Set aside a box with a little doll or toy and make a playtime out of the box. 

For example, put a doll or dollhouse in the box, a ball in the dollhouse, a toy in the ball, and a play toy in a ball. 


Teach them a book at home first.

Give your child a book on the subject that they are learning, and put it in their hands so they can start to read it. 15.

Teach a game to your child.

Teach a game for your child to play in your own house or play outside in the yard.

They may want something that they can just sit and play with.


Have a family dinner party for your kids. 

Create a party where everyone is involved and you have lots of food for the whole family to eat.


Offer your toddler some games to play.

Pick a game you like for your little one to play, like a video game, or a board game.

Put a card in the game box so your toddler knows the rules.


Teach fun reading.

You may find that your little ones are bored with their books, but they are eager to learn new things. 

Use a coloring book or a game that lets them learn by reading.

For instance, have your kids write a book story with a picture, then have them draw on a card to write a picture on the book cover. 


Help your toddler see the world through a child.

 Find a picture book or game for them to play that has an animated character in it.

For an example of a children