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The children of the legendary Irish singer and composer K-Cartha (aka John Carroll Lynch) have had a long and successful career.

The children of Irish folk legend John Carroll were the subject of a book published in December 2018 by Penguin Press titled ‘Carthy & Co: The Greats of Irish Music’, and are being celebrated with a new collection of music recordings.

The recordings are set to be released on the UK’s EMI label next week, and are available to buy in the US and Canada on December 1.

The book’s title, ‘KCarthy&Co: The Greatest of the Irish Childrens Singers’ , suggests that the children’s music has a long way to go to surpass its peers in its time, and has become an important part of the lives of the great musicians.

In the book, a group of children were told to record a number of tunes in a small studio, which is now being used as a rehearsal studio.

The album is divided into sections and each section is given the same number of songs, so that each song has the same amount of music.

The first song is entitled ‘I’ve got to Go to Heaven’, and is a tribute to John Carroll, who died in 2011.

The song is written by the children, who include two girls and two boys, and features a cover of a classic song by John Lennon and Bobby McFerrin.

The children are also heard performing the song at a children’s church service, and in a radio broadcast.

The recording of the children performing the tune was recorded in a studio in Dublin in the late 1960s, and was later released by EMI Records.

In their book, the children are given names such as Mollie, and Mary, and their names are written out on a piece of paper in their handwriting.

One section of the album features ‘K”Carthy’, which is an abbreviation for ‘King of the Carrots’, and means ‘the King’.

It is a reference to the Irish musician who also produced some of the country’s greatest albums, including The O’Donnells, The Kinks, and The Byrds.

John Carroll Lynch died in 2010.

His death was a cause for great sadness and shock among Irish music fans, and it was the subject for an exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland in 2012.

John’s son, John Carroll Lee, is the creator of some of his songs.

He is also a founding member of the Children’s Choir of Dublin, which performs his music.

He has also written music for TV shows including The Sopranos, and films including The Big Lebowski and The Da Vinci Code.

John had a number as well as a number.

His music was popular for more than 40 years.

He was also the lead singer of the iconic Irish band the Royal Limpets.

The ‘Carthyrthon’ song was originally written for a musical called ‘The Leburs’, which was performed in the Irish city of Drogheda by the band The Lebens.

It was also sung by John’s son on the radio programme The Late Late Show with James Corden.