Childwear retailer T-Rex, whose founder was a child abuser, is shutting down August 29, 2021 August 29, 2021 admin

A childwear retailer whose founder and owner was convicted of child sex abuse has closed shop after its parent company ran into financial difficulties, and the company is taking its business online.

T-Rex parent company T-rex Inc., which is owned by the parent company of T-shirt manufacturer Gap Inc., was the target of an investigation by authorities in the U.S. in 2013 after an investigation revealed that the business had been selling child pornography online for more than five years.

The investigation prompted the Justice Department to conduct a criminal probe into the company.

T- Rex was founded in 2007 by two former Gap employees and two other people in 2007.

The company’s website listed its parent as a Delaware corporation that operates out of a home office in suburban New Jersey.

Trex Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection in 2016 and went into liquidation in January.

A spokesman for the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trex had already faced accusations of child pornography in the past.

In 2015, the company was named as a defendant in a federal class-action lawsuit against Gap for alleged violations of the Childrens Online Protection Act.

In that case, Gap alleged that its website contained child pornography.

In an earlier lawsuit, Gap had also claimed that T-shirts featured child pornography on its website.

In March 2016, a federal judge ordered that the suit be thrown out.

The investigation found that T.

Rex, which sells apparel for children and women ages 2 to 17, was operating under a false premise, which was based on the belief that the apparel products sold by T-rex were intended for adult use, not children, according to the Justice Dept. investigation.

In the court filing, the government alleged that Trex’s website contained depictions of child sexual abuse.

The Justice Dept.’s investigation concluded that T Rex had sold apparel containing child pornography to individuals under the age of 13.

The company’s online store did not respond to requests for comment, and a spokesperson for T-Rex said the company does not comment on ongoing investigations.