China approves 3-star infant wear as new child protection policy August 3, 2021 August 3, 2021 admin

China is planning to require new child clothing and accessories from the middle and low classes to be at least 3 stars out of five, while also requiring parents to give the items a three-star rating.

The guidelines will be put into effect in April, but parents and child care workers have been warning parents for months that some of the items may not meet this threshold, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The guidelines also require the items to have a “very high degree of water-repellency,” and that the children wear them at least once a day.

According to the paper, the new rules will take effect on April 30.

Parents will have to give their children a 3-Star rating before they can buy the items.

Child care workers will be able to request the 3-stars if the parents can show they’ve “demonstrated good self-discipline, and have done their utmost to make the child’s life a pleasant one.”

Parents will be allowed to purchase any child clothing that meets these criteria, including baby shoes, shoes and a pair of socks.

Children under two years old will be exempt from the guidelines.

The changes come amid the increasing demand for child care services across China, which is also increasingly worried about the rising number of cases of pneumonia among children, which has also increased since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2014.