How to get rid of your childrens clothes bankruptcy, if they have children August 13, 2021 August 13, 2021 admin

Tyler Childw, 27, is facing bankruptcy after he was sued for $1.6 million by his ex-wife for the purchase of children’s clothes.

He has said he only had three children, two girls and one boy, and the couple split when he was younger.

But after a year-long legal battle, the case against Tyler was thrown out, and he has now filed for bankruptcy protection on the grounds that his ex is unable to pay the full amount owed.

He said he bought his children’s clothing for a fraction of what he paid for it.

“I had a lot of money,” he said.

“I had my house, I had my car, I did things for my kids.”

He says his wife, who works as a nurse in an intensive care unit, was forced to sell her home when he stopped paying rent, and she was forced into a deep depression.

Tyler is suing his ex, Nancy Eriksen, on behalf of their two children, as well as their ex-husband, Peter Erikson, a carpenter and furniture builder.

Mr Eriksson has said that the two have been estranged for years and that he has not spoken to his children in 10 years.

They have been married for 16 years.

Nancy Erickson said her husband is an avid photographer and was always looking to purchase new clothing.

She said she bought his clothes for $10,000 and paid about $700 for the garments.

When he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, she was able to secure a loan of $200,000 to cover the purchase price.

The suit said that Ms Eriksens had been working to repay the loan after losing her job.

The bankruptcy judge said in a ruling that Nancy Eriesen has not been able to repay her debts, and it is her responsibility to make sure that she does.

In the ruling, she said that Nancy had never been able at any time to repay a debt of $400,000.

Ms Eriksons attorney said in an email to The Dominion Post that her client was relieved to see that the case was being brought to a conclusion.

After the judge’s ruling, Ms Ericksen’s attorney wrote that the couple had never had a disagreement and that there was no physical or emotional dispute about the amount of money owed.

“We were never in dispute over the amount owed,” the attorney wrote.

Nancy Erikser wrote in an emailed statement that her former husband has been devastated by the outcome of the case.

We are pleased to see the outcome and have not had any contact with Mr Erikss family,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission said it had not been contacted about the case and did not comment on pending litigation.