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In 2018, we decided to take a look at the best of the best in fashion from across the globe.

From the best children’s footwear to the best footwear for toddlers to the latest styles for women, we’ll explore everything from the most affordable shoes to the most innovative designs.

The 2017 and 2018 edition of the Sport Bible was an incredible year for fashion, with the release of the most fashionable footwear of all time and the latest designs that hit the market.

The year 2017 also brought us a new era of the sportswear industry with the first women’s Nike shoes, the world’s first men’s Adidas sneakers and the first time the world introduced a women’s Fitbit.

And of course, the big event of the year was the Olympic Games.

With the best athletes, the best venues and the most prestigious athletes in the world participating, 2017 was an event that fans and competitors alike were captivated by.

But in 2018, it seems that fashion isn’t as exciting anymore, and the fashion world isn’t quite the same.

What are some of the trends that we’re witnessing that are taking the fashion industry by storm in 2018?

We want to hear from you about your favorite trends from around the world.

Read on for more from the 2018 Sport Bible.

Picking a brand in 2017 In 2017, we started with the most trendy shoes on the market: the Nike Lunar Presto and Adidas Tubular Sneaker.

And while those shoes were revolutionary, they were still niche brands.

The Lunas, as they’re known in the United States, are Nike’s newest sneakers, which are inspired by the brand’s most popular silhouette.

The Tubular is made from a lightweight rubber with a mesh-like sole, which is the same material as the shoes, but the sole is made out of a softer rubber that is more flexible.

Like Nike’s Lunar, these Lunas are made with a rubber sole for the sole to be more comfortable for those with a narrower foot or foot shape.

The shoes were available in a wide range of styles and prices, but they were priced around $300, while the Tubulars were priced closer to $500.

While the Nike Lunas were popular, the Tubules weren’t, and this made sense.

The Lunar was more affordable and the Tubule was more comfortable.

The Nike Lunar was one of the more expensive shoes in 2017, but with the launch of the Tubuels, that all changed.

The price difference between the Nike and Tubuils dropped dramatically and Nike made the Tubulus one of their most expensive shoes ever.

In 2018 we also got our first look at a women-only Nike shoe, the Flyknit Flyknit Sport.

The Flyknit was a shoe made from lightweight cotton that was woven from cotton yarns, a fabric that was not only light and breathable, but it also was incredibly soft.

The cotton used in the Flyknits was extremely lightweight, which was great for its high weight.

Nike introduced a range of new models in 2018 that were made to incorporate a mesh lining.

The mesh on the FlyKnits helped to create a new level of comfort in shoes, as it was incredibly supportive.

The Nike Luna 3.0 sneaker has a mesh sole that is very supportive in its construction.

If you’ve been following the sport in 2018 and the world of fashion as a whole, then you’ve probably noticed that there have been some major trends that have been happening around the globe over the past year.

From women’s fashion to kids shoes, it was a year full of amazing footwear.

But what about the trends in 2018 for men’s footwear?

The most iconic brands of the fashion calendar for 2018 were Nike, Adidas, and Reebok.

All three of these companies were able to release a wide variety of men’s and women’s styles in 2018.

In fact, Nike was the only company to release more than one men’s shoe for 2018, and each of the three were equally great.

In the US, the Nike Air Max 3.5 was the first sneaker to feature a mesh upper, as well as a mesh and leather upper in 2018 as well.

The men’s Air Max 1.5 had the most popular model in the US with more than 6 million pairs being sold.

The Air Max 2 was the second best-selling men’s sneaker in the USA with over 3 million pairs.

In Europe, the Adidas Originals 5.0 was the most successful men’s model in 2018 with more then 5.5 million pairs sold.

Finally, the Reeboks Originals 6.0 shoe was the best-seller in Europe, with more over 6 million sold.

In Asia, the Originals Originals 3.2 was the number one men in Asia in 2018 while the Origints Originals 4.0 and Origins Originals 2.0 shoes were the best selling