What You Need to Know About Carter’s Childwear Case August 3, 2021 August 3, 2021 admin

Carter Childwear’s bankruptcy case is nearing its end, and we are learning more about the woman behind the case. 

Cathy Carter was the wife of the founder of Carter’s Childrenwear, the company that launched Carter’s line of childwear. 

According to court documents, Carter and her husband filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2013, citing $15 million in losses. 

As the story goes, Carter sued for child-related expenses to be included in the company’s debt. 

“We have to pay for her child’s education,” Carter’s attorney said in court filings. 

But the court denied the request, saying the claims were in the past and that the case should be dismissed. 

While Carter’s bankruptcy petition was filed, the case was still being litigated in federal court. 

The bankruptcy was eventually dismissed, but the court allowed Carter to continue to use her name in child-wearing accessories. 

Carter has not returned our calls. 

In the meantime, the couple’s children have been forced to go on a year-long “family vacation” in Europe. 

They’re also being forced to pay child support. 

For now, they are stuck with Carter’s children, who are going to school, and Carter’s husband’s business. 

We have contacted Carter’s attorneys for comment.