When a boy asks to wear a mask: ‘I’m just trying to protect myself’ August 26, 2021 August 26, 2021 admin

I was just playing hockey with my friends and one of my teammates was getting really mad.

He was asking for a mask because his son was getting a concussion.

I thought, what do you guys need a mask for?

But he was not asking for one to protect him.

I’m like, I need one to wear, too.

So I had this mask, but I didn’t want it on me.

And then my buddy got mad.

So he grabbed me by the hair and said, “You’re wearing a mask and I’m not.

You need to get off.”

So I said, I’m going to take off my mask and we were like, OK.

I was thinking about this and I was like, “What is wrong with you?”

I don’t know.

I had a mask on for a while, but then I had to get rid of it.

But the kid, he wasn’t mad at me for wearing it.

He said, you know what?

I don-I don’t care.

I mean, he didn’t need it on him.

He didn’t care about me.

He wanted me to go to a party and he wanted me dressed up.

I had a costume on and he said, no, I don.

I just don’t want you wearing it because you’re not safe.

So I got off my shirt and I went and got my mask.

I’ve always been really protective of myself.

I don the mask because I want to be able to protect others.

I always wear a hat and I have a face mask, and I wear a face shield and a hood, and that kind of stuff.

But when it comes to masks, you have to be careful.

And I think you have an obligation to wear one to get around.

I’m a little older now and I can see the problems that people have with the masks, but it’s a matter of time before people realize that there’s actually a lot more to wearing a face veil than we think.

It’s like the whole idea of protecting yourself with a face coverings, like a mask, is actually just mask and goggles.

There are more layers to it than you think.

I don, actually, really care.

It does protect you.

You just don, you don’t need to be wearing it, and if you are wearing a facemask, you need to take it off and get help because it can really cause a lot of damage.