When the child wore the dress: The story of Tyler and the Cavalier Childwear bankruptcy August 5, 2021 August 5, 2021 admin

The story goes like this: In 2011, two men with an obsession for the French fashion designer and his child-wearing collection sued the company.

The suit, filed in Texas, alleged that Tyler had “tampered” with child-care costs and “lured” children to the company’s stores with offers of gifts, money, and other forms of “insurance.”

The lawsuit also alleged that the company had a “pattern of negligent and/or willful misrepresentations, including, but not limited to, false advertising and misrepresentations,” as well as “malicious and/aspirational business practices” in order to sell merchandise.

The lawsuit was eventually settled for $30 million in 2016.

Tyler was never charged with any crimes and he never filed for bankruptcy.

He remained a fixture in the fashion world.

Tyler and Childwar’s legacy is still felt today, even if his clothing line has faded into history.

The childwear line was born in 2005 when Tyler decided to stop wearing the child-wear he wore to school and instead wear the babydoll costume for Halloween.

Since then, Tyler has worn a variety of outfits to conventions and to film shoots, from “Cats and Dogs” to “The Bachelor.”

And in 2018, Tyler announced he was selling off the remaining clothing and toys he owned, including his two childrens’ dresses and a set of two kids’ costumes from his old company.

(One of the dresses he sold was for his youngest son, who’s now 16.)

“He sold the clothes and the toys that he had, and I have had a lot of fun,” said Tyler, who has a “little bit of a hobby” of creating the costumes and dolls for his children.

“And I’ve gotten to meet some really wonderful people that I’ll probably never see again.”