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Chip Childw is the owner of Happy Pups, a dog-walking, dog-training, dog rescue and puppy-walking business in Dallas, Texas.

Chip says dogs are the reason she’s been able to build her business.

“They’re the reason I’ve been able a year and a half,” she said.

“I’ve got a puppy for every breed I have, I’ve got dogs for every price range, I just love being able to go to the store and get a puppy and have them here for me.”

The puppies Chip brought home were all dogs that Chip’s daughter had picked up in the pet store.

After learning how to train a puppy, Chip and her daughter were able to raise some money for an adoption.

Chip says she has never been happier to have a dog in her home.

Childw also believes dogs have helped her find a way to support a struggling family.

She says she was a single parent for most of her life, and that was a big problem.

Now she says she’s a single mom because her husband is the sole breadwinner and she doesn’t want to raise a child alone.

“When my husband and I have a child, we are all together.

We do everything together.

He’s always in charge,” she told Eyewitness News.

But as she says now, it’s all about what your child needs.

I think it is a huge step for a lot of people,” she added. “

I think my daughter was able to do that for her dad, so I guess that helps.”

I think it is a huge step for a lot of people,” she added.

Chick Childw has been working as a dog walker for many years.

She has worked at dog parks in Dallas for many, many years, and says the work is very rewarding.

As Chip says now she’s thankful for the support dogs have provided her.

This article originally appeared on Eyewitness TV.

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