What is the ‘childwear bankruptcy’ story? September 9, 2021 September 9, 2021 admin

A bankruptcy lawsuit has been filed in California against two men who were sued by their former employer, a chain of clothing stores that they sold their wares to after leaving.

The suit was filed Tuesday in California Superior Court, seeking damages and an injunction that would require the former employees to return to work under supervision.

The lawsuit alleges that the former workers were deceived into signing contracts that said they would return to their former positions if they did not complete a 30-day work suspension period.

In the suit, one of the men, Carter Childwear bankruptcy trustee Joseph Gaudet, says he has received numerous calls and emails from his former employees saying that their contracts were still in effect and that they were still owed money.

“There are so many lies in this lawsuit,” Gaudette told ABC News.

When the workers did not return to the stores, they said they were not paid for their time, Gaudett said.

He said that in a lawsuit filed in February, he had also received emails from the former managers saying that the suits were still pending.

Gaudet said he has been in contact with the former store owners who filed the lawsuit.

Childwear bankruptcy is a process that allows creditors to request that the debtor pay back the creditors.

The suit alleges that Childwear was responsible for more than $6 million in debts for former employees, according to the court documents.

The creditors have until July 5 to file their claims.

At the time the suit was announced, Childwear issued a statement saying the company had suspended its entire workforce and would not pay any employees, even if they are still working there.

We continue to work diligently to secure payment of the debts that remain with them.””

We have terminated all current and former Childwear associates and have also terminated any business relationship with them.

We continue to work diligently to secure payment of the debts that remain with them.”

The company did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

Childwear also said that the bankruptcy trustee is working with creditors and is “working to obtain full restitution from all of those who are owed,” and said Childwear is working to hire former employees who are willing to return and assist the bankruptcy trustees with the process.