Why the Carters’ Kids Are the Future of Fashion September 2, 2021 September 2, 2021 admin

Children’s clothes are becoming the fashion industry’s newest hit, as the Carter children’s line is gaining traction.

The Carters, a family-owned business with roots in Canada, has a big presence in the children’s department of department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, and the Carfters are trying to do the same for their kids’ fashion line.

They’ve been busy getting to know each other over the years, and they’re really excited about how they’re going to be able to make the transition from making a clothing line for kids to a line for adults.

“We’ve seen that when we have kids that are really good at designing and making clothes, it’s a really powerful way for them to experience the world,” says Carter’s founder and chief creative officer, Joe Carters.

The family-run business has grown to about 200 employees.

Joe says he started with two young girls, and now has more than 150 children in his home country of Canada.

The business has also grown its focus to a different age group.

“Our focus is a different type of clothing.

We’re not doing a kids’ line, but we’re doing a women’s line,” he says.”

It’s a great way for us to really connect with a younger demographic and to try and tap into the future of women’s fashion.”

To help launch the line, Carters has created a fashion line that is tailored to each child’s style.

Joe calls it a “gift to them.”

“They’ll look at us and say, ‘Wow, I’m so excited about this,'” he says, adding that their first product, a line of underwear called “The One,” has sold out in two days.

To get their kids excited about clothes, the family has developed a “Gift for Kids” app that they have developed to help families and kids find the items they want.

They also created a web app for kids and parents, which gives them a more personalized experience.

For now, the company is still working on a larger clothing line, which will feature more colors, patterns, and prints.

But the Carbers are hoping to expand into other products and even into children’s clothing.

“I don’t know if I would have gone to work with a line as a kid if it wasn’t for our family,” Joe says.

“I would have been so jealous if I could go home one day and see my kids dressed up in something other than what they’re wearing now.”

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