Tech giant Chip makes a childwear line featuring toys inspired by famous childrens characters October 19, 2021 October 19, 2021 admin

T-shirts and hats inspired by iconic childrens toys have been cropping up on eBay and other online auctions.

The Toys for Tots campaign, started by Chip founder and CEO John Connor, aims to encourage children to play with their own toys.

Connor’s first children’s toy was a Lego-themed toy that he bought as a young boy.

Chip is currently selling a new version of that toy called the “Lego Lego World Series” for $19.99.

The toy has a variety of Lego characters and themes, including the original Toy Story, the original “Frozen” and a “WALL-E” theme, as well as the popular “Ice King.”

The campaign’s Facebook page has more than 12,000 likes, and its Facebook page also has more then 15,000 “likes” in the “like” box.

A tweet from Connor’s account on Thursday morning showed a photo of a Lego “frozen” toy, which had a green glow.

The company posted the photo on Twitter on Thursday.

“Chip has taken a new approach to helping children understand and appreciate the world around them.

It’s a unique way to share the power of our company’s products, with children at home and in the world, with a message that is simple, simple and beautiful,” Connor said in a statement to Polygon.”

It’s a little bit like being in a dream.

I just want to share this with you.”

A spokesman for Chip told Polygon that the company was not aware of any “Legos” products being sold online or in-stores.

The “T-shirt” on the right, is part of a series of t-shirts that the Chip company has released for the “Toys for Tot” campaign.

The T-shirt on the left, which was made by Chip, has a green hue and features the “Ice Kingdom” theme.

The chip logo is on the front and the logo of Chip’s parent company, Chip Inc. is on top of the logo.

The chip logo also features a line through a line with a heart and a diamond.

The word “TOT” is below the logo in the center.

The word “BON” is in the bottom right corner.

A Chip spokesperson told Polygon that Chip is in its “very early stages” of the campaign, which it said will “have a long-term impact on children’s lives.”

“It’ll help educate kids on the value of the world and how it makes them feel,” the spokesperson said.

The campaign has also inspired the “Childwars” theme on the Chip children’s line.

A “Childwar” doll, designed to resemble an ice-cold monster, is pictured on the company’s website.

Chip’s T-Shirt, which is a “childwar” toy for toddlers, has two faces, one with a yellow face and one with green eyes.

A doll that resembles the Ice King is shown on the “childwars-style” T-shirt, and the word “CHIPS” is on its back.

The logo of the company is also on the back.

The T- Shirt and “ChildWars” T shirt on the side of the doll have a yellow heart.

The “ChildWars” T Shirt on the bottom has a yellow “T” on its front.

A sticker on the doll’s back reads “LEARN MORE” in green letters.

Chip is the latest tech company to take on childrens brands.

Apple is selling a “Star Wars”-themed baby diaper, and Amazon is selling “Starbucks” cups.