Why you can’t trust the NFL and the NFLPA’s statement on a concussion settlement October 11, 2021 October 11, 2021 admin

By TYLER COWEN-EDDALL | The Associated PressIn recent days, the NFL, the National Football League Players Association and the National Basketball Association have all issued statements that indicate the NFL will continue to push for a settlement that would give players some type of financial relief from their injuries.NFL players and their representatives have been on the forefront of pushing for the settlement to include a guarantee of compensation from the league for the financial fallout from the concussion that many of them have suffered, including the death of wide receiver and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The NFLPA has also been vocal in its support of a settlement.

It issued a statement Friday saying the league’s position remains unchanged and it is disappointed the NFL failed to reach an agreement.

“While the NFL continues to believe a settlement is possible, the union will continue working toward a resolution to this matter,” the statement read.

“We have been in contact with our players and our clubs, as well as with their attorneys and with a range of outside groups, to see if there is a way forward.”

The NFL is set to make a decision on the settlement at its annual meeting on Monday, and if the players want to continue the pressure on the league and the leaguePA, they should follow through.

The players and the union have already met with representatives of the NFL.

The union has also hired a former NFLPA executive to work on the negotiations, and the players’ association has also appointed former NFL executive Brian McCarthy as its executive vice president of government affairs.

McCarthy will serve as a liaison between the union and the team.

The issue is one that many players have been pressing for.

They have argued that a guaranteed amount of money will help them rebuild their careers, and that if the NFL does not agree to the terms of a deal, it will make it more difficult for players to get back into the league.

The league and players’ union have been unable to reach a deal because of the lack of funding.

They both have been under court order to give the players more money in order to get the settlement done.