The first baby on the moon December 10, 2021 December 10, 2021 admin

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of astronauts from the International Space Station were welcomed by the world as their first child.

The little girl, named Haiseh, was the first baby to walk on the lunar surface.

She was adopted from the Netherlands by an American couple who raised her.

But what does the moon have to do with humans?

Here are some of the more fascinating facts about space.


The Moon is the first place on Earth to have a baby 2.

It is a hotbed of life 3.

You might be able to see your child on the Moon 4.

There is an underground city on the planet’s surface 5.

It’s not the first time a baby has landed on the surface of the moon 6.

There’s no need to get your dog out for the lunar landing – it’s actually very simple 7.

The moon’s surface is composed of two parts, a crust and an interior 8.

Astronauts have been using the moon’s gravity to send small probes into space 9.

There are no oceans on the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, but there is water on the Earth’s surface 10.

You can send your baby to the Moon and back again without needing a return flight 11.

It takes about 10 hours to get to the moon and back by road, and only takes one to the surface by rocket 12.

You’ll need to spend $4 billion on a mission to the lunar outpost to land your baby 13.

It took just 30 minutes to reach the Moon’s surface by land, rocket and rocket booster 14.

You could spend a whole year on the trip from Earth to the asteroid Belt, and there are some big challenges ahead 15.

The United States will send a lunar lander to the asteroids it’s considering sending to another planet in the 2030s, but it won’t send astronauts to the Red Planet.


The lunar surface is only a few thousand metres across 17.

The Earth’s moon is the closest celestial body to the sun and orbits it once every three days 18.

It contains a water ice core and a rock core that is the key to the solar system’s formation 19.

The closest rocky object on Earth is the moon, but that is a planet and not a moon.


The Red Planet is the only known place on the solar side of the Sun to have an atmosphere and not liquid water.

It has a thick atmosphere that is about 40 times denser than Earth’s.


There were no humans on the Red Moon before it was covered by a thick layer of ice.

It was covered with a thick ice shell for about 20,000 years 22.

The last humans to land on the Martian surface were on a space shuttle mission that launched in 1997.

They landed on a comet called 2003 MAVEN, which has now passed by the moon.

The next rover mission to Mars is due to land in 2024 23.

It hasn’t been possible to send humans to Mars in orbit since 1986, but scientists think it may be possible in 2028.

There have been no previous attempts to land a rover on Mars since 2001, but NASA has proposed sending people there by 2025.


The only place on earth where you can find a person with a penis is in the Sahara Desert, and it’s a hot spot for desert heat 25.

It may be that Mars has a Venusian atmosphere, but Venus is a moon of Saturn.


There was a time when Mars was an asteroid.

But its orbit has been altered by comets.


The asteroid belt has a variety of planets in it, including water worlds, ice worlds, and even life-bearing planets.


It might not be the best place to send a child to space, but the moon is one of the safest places to send children to orbit.


You’d be able on the ground to see if the child was wearing a suit, and then it would be possible to return the child to Earth.


There could be life on Mars at the moon in 2037, but a lot of the life there is already extinct.


The sun is in a phase of rapid expansion known as the solar minimum, which means that the amount of sunlight falling on Earth will be smaller than usual.


If you go to Mars, you’ll see that the Martian atmosphere is more like that of the Earth than the one that covers Earth’s oceans.


You should have the capability to send an unmanned probe to Mars and return to Earth without having to use a rocket or spacecraft.


There may be some sort of ocean on Mars, but Mars is a very different planet.


The surface of Mars is covered in a thick mantle of material.

The crust of Mars, which is made up of rocks and minerals, is thinner than Earth.

There also may be liquid water on Mars.


You don’t need a rocket to get there from Earth, as long as you have a spacecraft and a lot more fuel. 37